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Threnur is a New York based acupuncturist and manual therapist providing complete bodywork solutions for pain relief, better movement, and performance enhancement. She integrates traditional and non-traditional therapeutic manual manipulations and techniques using the best of Eastern and Western medicine to achieve incredible results.

Services Offered

Complete bodywork means going beyond the muscular level. By addressing issues with your soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments), your nervous system, and your internal systems (organs and energy) you can experience faster and more profound benefits.






Myofascial Release





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As a former athlete, Threnur’s focus on fine-tuning her body for peak performance fostered a curiosity in how the body worked and the best ways to promote health and wellness. Never satisfied with the status quo, she pursued a deeper understanding of the human body in its entirety.


Her pursuit of knowledge took her to Virginia Commonwealth University where her passion for the human body grew exponentially with her exposure to adolescent and geriatric populations. The challenges and misconceptions of exercise for these two groups provided more fuel for her pursuit of the best practices to promote health. Her basic anatomical foundation propelled her to pursue a Master’s degree to better understand the human body from an alternate point of view.

East Stroudsburg University’s Clinical Exercise Physiology program introduced her to an even deeper understanding of the human body from a physiological perspective and granted the opportunity to apply her knowledge and skills clinically. Through clinical rotations and experiences with diseased populations, particularly cardiac rehabilitation, she realized that she did not want to be at the latter stages of a patient’s recovery. She wanted to have an impact on a patient’s well-being before the onset of disease. In order to do so, she needed to understand the human body in its entirety.

Taking her scientific foundation, and adding to it clinical massage therapy, Threnur started her own orthopedic rehabilitation practice. While serving as Department Chair of Massage Therapy at Mildred Elley College, she furthered her training this time paying homage to her cultural roots in completing a Master’s in Oriental Medicine at Tri-State College of Acupuncture.

Patients and clients found hope, relief, resolution, enhanced well-being and an overall better outlook of self and their future. In 2015 she would be involved in a significant car accident, where she lost feeling and function of her entire left arm. Undeterred and determined to overcome the challenging path that she often helped others traverse, she utilized the same principles, therapeutic approaches, compassion, determination and vigor to heal herself while continuing to tend to the care of her clients.

Renewed, refreshed and forever indebted to the path of health and wellness, Threnur bestows her unique gift of meticulous patient/client centered focused care to help any and everyone reach and maintain their most optimal being.

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Clinical Exercise Science (Virginia Commonwealth University)

  • Master’s of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology (East Stroudsburg University)

  • Master’s of Oriental Medicine (Tri-State College of Acupuncture)

  • Clinical Massage Therapist (Academy of Massage Therapy)

  • Certified Sports Medicine Acupuncturist (Whitfield Reaves Fellowship)


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